Pacific Halibut

How to, and where to, catch Pacific Halibut off of Coos Bay/Charleston.

2012 Pacific Halibut Quotas, Rules, and Tentative Fishing Dates


With what seems to be good ocean conditions and rising fish stocks, the 2012 Sport Pacific Halibut season off of the Southern Oregon Coast should be excellent.

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The International Pacific Halibut Commission Survey Hot Spots Mapped Out!!

Check out the Team aFISHionados Pacific Halibut survey map.  We took the IPHC (International Pacific Halibut Commission) survey data and mapped the hot spots.  We hope, over time, to add in all the data for each site over the years and begin tracking abundance at these locations. 


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2011 Pacific Halibut Fishing Regulations, Tips, and Hints.

Regulations and Quotas

The 2011 Pacific Halibut season is almost here!  The beginning of the all-depth fishery is in early May every year.  Check out the tentative dates and quotas for Southern Oregon.  The dates listed are recommended dates by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Pacific Halibut Fishing out of Coos Bay/Charleston


Pacific Halibut fishing can be fair to good out of ports along the Southern Oregon coast such as Coos Bay/Charleston.  The Pacific Halibut caught range in size from small 8 pound 'chickens' to larger 40 - 60 pound fish.  Southern Oregon does not produce giant Pacific Halibut.  However, the fish that are caught are of superior meat quality, especially if you like sushi.

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Pacific Halibut Fishing Techniques

Getting Started

Some of our favorite techniques include bouncing bait on the bottom, jigging lead-headed jigs with rubber grubs, and butterfly/stick Jigs.  Each of these techniques can produce fish and we come prepared to utilize them all.  We start each rod in the boat with a different bait/technique and see what the Pacific Halibut want for breakfast that day.  Once we figure out what the fish are keying off of, we switch all but one rod to that bait/technique and continue to fish one rod with a different bait/technique.


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