Pacific Halibut Fishing out of Coos Bay/Charleston


Pacific Halibut fishing can be fair to good out of ports along the Southern Oregon coast such as Coos Bay/Charleston.  The Pacific Halibut caught range in size from small 8 pound 'chickens' to larger 40 - 60 pound fish.  Southern Oregon does not produce giant Pacific Halibut.  However, the fish that are caught are of superior meat quality, especially if you like sushi.


Most sport caught Pacific Halibut come from the Bandon High spot off of Cape Blanco.  Depths fished range from 300 feet to 600 feet with the majority of the fishing occurring at the Southern edge.  The best fishing is along the drop-off on the South side of the Bandon High Spot.  The depth starts at 475 feet and drops quickly off to 600 feet at which point we pull our gear and then run back to the top of the drift.  Check out the Team aFISHionados Pacific Halibut Fishing Map for the Bandon High Spot.

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The currents and the wind can combine to make drifting difficult sometimes.  Use the motor to hold yourself in position if the wind is pushing the boat faster than the current.  The boat driver will have to run the boat in reverse to 'back-up' and stay with the gear.  Sometimes, a drift-sock can be used.  Match the size of the sock to the size of the boat and deploy it off the bow.  This will orientate the boat with the bow into the wind and slow the drift down. You can also try adding more weight but after three pounds it gets kind of ridiculous so at that point its time to try something else like running the motor or a sea-anchor / drift-sock.


Additional fishing locations for Pacific Halibut out of Coos Bay/Charleston Oregon are the 'mud-hole' located off of Ten-mile Creek and off of the 'Glass House,' South of Cape Arago several miles.  The mud-hole has many species of fish and by-catch of rockfish that we are not allowed to retain is high.  Unfortunately, most, if not all of these fish will die due to rapid pressure changes and the swim-bladder depressurizing.  Team aFISHionados has been experimenting with venting fish and we will update this as soon as we have more results.


The Glass House is located just South of Cape Arago and can produce Pacific Halibut from time to time.  Usually these fish are caught while targeting Ling Cod and other deeper water species.  The Pacific Halibut caught off the Glass House can be retained when the all-depth fishery is closed and the near-shore fishery is open.  Check the rules and regulations for specific dates for each fishery.  Additionally, each fishery has a separate quota.  

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