BLM North Spit Boat Launch

Location: West of Highway 101 on Trans-Pacific Highway.BLM Northspit Boat Launch.

Nearest Tackle: Ashworth's Market, Bi-Mart,Bites On!, Englund Marine, Basin TackleBLM Northspit Boat Launch Restrooms.

Parking: As much as you need.

Accessibility: Access off of Trans-Pacific Highway North of the McCullough Bridge, West of Highway 101.  The launching pad extends into the water far enough that even on the lowest of low tides, deeper draft sport fishing vessels and other smaller craft can still launch.

BLM Northspit Boat Launch Launching Pad and Year-round Dock.  Winds and Currents can be Stong during Large Tidal Swings and Strong Summer North Winds.Facilities: A two-lane concrete Boat Launch with a single floating dock.  Traffic is usually low at this Launch.  Other facilities include day-use area, restrooms, and public access to the bay.BLM Northspit Boat Launch Parking Area, Day-Use Area, and View of the McCullough Bridge in North Bend Oregon.

Attention: Fall Chinook Salmon fishing effort are limited here.  Launch here to access the Salmon fishing grounds in front of the Pony Slough.  The currents can be strong at the BLM North Spit Boat Launch.  Pay attention to cross currents entering and exiting the launch during large tidal swings.  Commercial shipping traffic can be busy and they have the right-of-way.

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