California Street Public Boat Launch

Location: At the Eastern most end of California Street in North Bend, OregonCalifornia Street Boat Launch Launching Pad and Year-Round Dock.California Street Ramp in North Bend Oregon.  A Heavily Used Ramp during the Chinook Salmon Season.

Nearest Tackle: Bites On!, Bi-Mart, Englund Marine, Basin Tackle, Ashworth's Market

Parking: A small paved lot with extra parking on the dead end street.  During salmon season parking can become sparse.

California Street Boat Launch Accessibility: Cross the railroad tracks (a rough crossing) and you will see the boat launch.  Primarily used in the Fall Chinook Salmon season from August through October.  Other uses include duck hunting and pleasure boating.  The water is deep enough at all tide levels for most powerboats and smaller craft.

California Street Boat Launch Restrooms.Facilities: A single lane concrete launch with a small floating dock year-round.  Restrooms, day-use area, boardwalk, and a wind-blocked bench for viewing.

California Street Boat Launch is Near Heavy Commercial Shipping Traffic.  Enjoy the Working Harbor and Remember to Give the Vessels Plenty of Room.Attention: During the Chinook and Coho Salmon seasons usage can be high.  Ready the vessel prior to launch and move to the tie-down areas after recovery as soon as possible so everyone can launch in a timely manner.  Commercial shipping traffic in the Coos River Bay has the right-of-way.  Give the vessels plenty of space and make your intentions well known and easy to read.

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