Green Acres Boat Launch

Location: East of Highway 101 on Highway 42 South, Green Acres, Oregon.

Nearest Tackle: Confusion Hill Market, Bi-Mart, Fred Meyer, Bites On!Green Acres Boat Launch Launching Pad and Year-Round Dock.

Parking: Limited to about 3 vehicles, maximum.

Accessibility: Exit East off Highway 42 South approximately 1/2 mile South of Confusion Hill Market.  A very small boat launch with shallow water access for kayaks, canoes, driftboats, and very small motorboats.

A Stairway to Water's Edge has been added for Juvenile and Disabled Fishermen at Green Acres Boat Lauch.Facilities: A small one lane concrete boat launch with floating dock.  At low tide, in low-water conditions, the ramp end can be covered in mud and almost unusable.  Available picnic bench and garbage can.  Additionally, the tide gate area has an access stairway from the road to the edge of the water for landing fish, etc.  For day-use only.

Parking is limited at the Green Acres Boat Launch on Isthmus Slough.Attention: Private property owners near the boat launch are very strict about trespassing and parking, so please following the posted signs.  Be prepared to walk about 1/4 mile, or more, for additional parking after launching.  Above Confusion Hill only youth and disabled fishermen are allowed to fish.  If fishing in this zone for Fall Chinook Salmon, check the regulations.  According to the ODFW website:

Isthmus Slough open year-round for Chinook salmon, adipose fin-clipped coho salmon
and adipose fin-marked steelhead up to a point on the slough adjacent to Milepost 3
on Highway 42. Open to youth anglers (age 17 and under) and Disabled Anglers with
a Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit (see pages 6-7), from Milepost 3 on
Highway 42 to the tidegate.

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