Chinook Salmon

Trolling the Marshfield Channel


A Chinook Salmon Caught Trolling a Plug-Cut Herring During a Solo Trip in the Marshfield Channel.  Fall 2010.

The Marshfield Channel, in the Coos River bay, is a shallow and wide straight stretch where the Coos River and Isthmus Slough merge.  The Chinook Salmon headed up the Coos River system enter the Marshfield Channel from the main shipping channel, which reaches depths of 60 feet in places.  The shallow nature of the channel, 10 to 18 feet deep depending on the tide, concentrates the Salmon.  Trolling plug-cut herring a sure-fire method for success.

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Trolling For Fall Chinook

A Very Nice Buck Caught with Plug-Cut Herring on the Coos River.  Fall 2010.Overview

Chinook salmon enter into and stage in the lower Coos River until the first rains of the season. The rains drive the salmon up into the river beyond tidal influence. Salmon start entering the system from mid-August to late August and will continue to enter the river as late as mid-November.  That doesn’t mean you can’t catch them later than that too, just unlikely.

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Trolling and Mooching the Coos River Bar


A Beautiful Hen Chinook Salmon Caught While Mooching Whole Herring on the Coos River Bar in Early August 2011.

Trolling and Mooching are by far the most popular and productive methods for Chinook Salmon Fishing on the Coos River Bar.  Regardless of how you decide to fish the Coos River Bar for Chinook Salmon, the result will hopefully be the same; nice, fresh Chinook Salmon for the BBQ!  Launch at the Charleston or Empire Boat Launches to troll or mooch for Chinook Salmon.  Don't forget to drop your crab traps off on the way to the bar for fresh Dungeness Crab after trolling or mooching for Chinook Salmon.

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Ocean Salmon Fishing

See our Ocean Fishing out of Coos Bay/Charleston link.

2011 Update

So far fish are being caught with effort focused around chlorophyll concentrations.

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