Oregon Fish And Wildlife - Regulation Changes For Marine Zone Chinook and Coho

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Winter 2011 Coquille River Steelhead

Winter Steelhead on the Coquille River are still available for those willing to brave the cold conditions lately.  The rivers have been in shape for a few days and Team aFISHionados went just the other day.  It looks like it will rain soon and we need to go one more time, quick before the snows come and mess everything up.  On average, a fish per boat was being caught with most boats having three people in them.  Slow, but the quality of fish were good, fresh bright fish.


2010 Rogue River Summer Steelhead

Well, Team aFISHionados has just returned from a six day Summer Steelhead fishing trip on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.  It cost us only one prop this year, not too bad.  Anyway, fishing was great when we got there and then the rain came and the river came up and darkened making fishing difficult.  We caught lots of 1/2-pounders and one adult Summer Steelhead, a very nice seven pound buck that took Ingo into the backing and bloodied his knuckles on the fly reel before he could even stand up.  What a fish!


The dam construction/removal upriver is reeking havoc on fishing this year dumping tons and tons of sediment into the river.  Don't let this deter you from heading down and swinging some flies and little spinners through riffles, shallow flats, and along reef edges and faces.  Team aFISHionados recommends using bead-headed, rubber-legged, bright, size 8 flies.  In a boat, floating or sinking line will work and from the bank, use sinking line to get down deep.  Try using 3/8 ounce, 2/5 ounce, or 1/2 ounce spinners, depending on the flow and depth of the spot you fish.  


Fishing has been improving as the river drops and clears.  A new batch of fish has shown up in the last day or two at Agness, Oregon.  Good luck.





2010 Chinook Salmon Season Opens May 29th!!

Hello to all aFISHionados out there, the 2010 Chinook Salmon Recreational Ocean Trolling Season starts this Saturday, May 29th!  We will have generous catch limits and an open season 7 days a week until September 6th.  Check out the ODFW Pacific Ocean Salmon Regulations for more information on your specific area.  In Southern Oregon bag limits are two Chinook per day 24 inch minimum, unless the marked Coho Salmon fishery is open.  This will happen later in the summer so check back for updates on the season as it approaches.  Brad from Team   aFISHionados with a Nice Chinook Salmon.


Downriggers with large weights and lots of line will be the key to pulling large catches out of the Pacific this year.  According to early reports from commercial fisherman, fish are being caught near the bottom in 240 to 450 feet of water.  Lately, dragging the balls on the bottom has been the most productive.  High catch numbers have been coming off of the Bandon High Spot and South, between Port Orford and the Rogue River. 


Try switching to braided line to reduce your line drag and use 20 lb cannonballs to reach the deep.  Troll large herring near the bottom and use a low drag flasher on the cannonball to again reduce the line drag, which will allow you to reach the bottom.  If you can determine which direction the current is running try trolling with the current as the gear will settle to the bottom much easier.  


Team aFISHionados recommends fishing in the first 150 feet of the water column in the morning hours and as the day grows brighter and the sun rises, switch to the deep water.  


Remember, the Pacific Ocean can be a dangerous place so please monitor the weather and tides, check your safety equipment out, and stay safe out there, 



2010 Pacific Halibut Season Opens!!

The 2010 Pacific Halibut season off of the Southern Oregon Coast has begun.  The first weekend opener is over with slow catches and small fish being reported out of Port Orford, Bandon (for the few boats that could make it across the bar in the negative tides), and Charleston. 


The weather did not cooperate with a small mixed swell and around 15 knot winds until late in the afternoon.  The stiff wind created a steep wind chop and increased the speed of the drift.  Between the wind and the current, 3 pound cannonballs were needed to reach the bottom.  Depths on the Bandon high spot range from 375 feet to 600 feet.


On the first day of the season a sport boat capsized out of Newport approximately 25 miles offshore.  All people aboard were rescued.  This should serve as a reminder to all of us to check the weather, know the limits of your vessel, don't take chances, and keep your safety gear up to date.


It also looks like the weather won't cooperate for the second weekend of the Pacific Halibut season and we will be onshore.  The next opener will be the first weekend following Memorial Day weekend, June 3rd through the 5th (Thursday through Saturday).  


Good luck out there and stay safe,

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