How to Rig a Nightcrawler and Spin-N-Glo

Seen Here is a Nightcrawler Threaded Onto the Hollow Needle.  Next, Slide the Worm Over the Hook and Onto the Leader. Overview

Fishing with a bait and spin-n-glo back-trolled down the river for Winter Steelhead is a fun, exciting, and productive method for catching bright aggressive fish.  The spin-n-glo provides the action and the bait provides the scent.  Try Nightcrawlers for a cheap and somewhat unique bait offering.  This method can also be used with pink rubber worms.

How-To Present the Bait Rig

The featured setup is usually used behind a diver with approximately a 4 foot leader.  Slowly back the diver down the river and into the holding zones for maximum presentation time.  In lower flow conditions run the divers farther from the boat as to not spook the fish.  In tight spots we will run them close to the boat for better control.  How far away from the boat varies from 25 to 35 feet depending on the size of diver.  Most of the time we use a standard diver size, not the magnum.

Place the rod in the rod holder and wait until the fish is taking line before setting the hook or even grabbing the rod.  The fish must turn with the bait before the hook can properly be set.  Use a firm but smooth drag to help ensure hook-sets and be prepared to back the drag off a small amount once the fight begins.


We used 1/O hooks in an octopus style.  Make sure your hooks are sharp before using them.  Use a hollow threading needle and thread the worm all the way onto the leader above the hook.  This helps prevent the worm from sliding off the hook.  Use 1 or 2 beads above the worm between the spin-N-glo to act as ball-bearings to prevent line twist and help the spin-N-glo rotate.  Use your favorite color spin-N-glo.  We like chrome/Flame, chartreuse/orange, and pear pink/white.

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