Cougar Lane

Cougar Lane Lodge.  Agness Oregon.Name:  Cougar Lane Store and and Lodge.  Hog Eddy.

Location: On the South/East bank of the Rogue River at Agness.

Tackle Stores:  Cougar Lane Store, Old-Agness Store, then Gold Beach tackle stores. List of Rogue River Tackle Shops

Parking:  As much as you need.

Cougar Lane Access Road in Spring.  Four-Weel Drive Recommended for Heavy Loads.

Accessibility:  Cougar Lane Store provides access to a gravel bar with a nice calm eddy to launch a boat.  There are no fees.  The road down to the gravel bar can become washed out and may need a four-wheel drive vehicle to haul heavy loads up to the top.  In the Summer the road is accessible by almost all vehicles.  Please use caution.

Facilities:  There are small docks in the Summer time, mostly for the tour boats and select few local guides.  Cougar Lane Store has gas, liquor, and lodging.  Cougar Lane Store also has a small air compressor if you need to fill your trailer tires with air. For shuttles see local tackle stores as well as Affordable Shuttles

Cougar Lane Gravel Bar Launch.  Spring 2010.  Notice the Deep Channel Underneath the Willows on the Right.Attention:  The launch itself can be shallow in Summer time flows and jet boats can sometimes be prevented from launching here at the lowest flows.  There is a deep channel along the eastern edge of the launch underneath the willows where pumps can operate without sucking too much silt.  

Cougar Lane put-in is a gravel bar launch that receives a lot of traffic in the summer time.  The tour boats land here for lunch at the restaurant.  The put-in is usually deep enough at all water flows for jet boats and drift boats.  However, in the Fall jet boats can be difficult to take-out and put-in due to shallow water unless the winter's floods have gouged a channel.

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