Fall Chinook

How-To Rig and Tune a Plug-Cut Herring for Trolling.

A Nice 3-Year Old Chinook Salmon that took a Blue-Label Plug-Cut Herring in the Coos River Bay.  Fall 2010.Overview

Fall Chinook Salmon fishing in Southern Oregon's estuaries can be absolutely fantastic with fresh ocean bright fish moving in and out on the ebb and flood of the tides.  One of the most important factors in catching Fall Chinook Salmon is the bait.  Good quality bait with the proper spin (or roll) on the the bait will drastically increase your hook-ups.

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How-To Setup a Salmon Trolling Rig for the Rogue River

Two Nice Jacks and 2 Beautiful HawgsOverview

Setting up to troll for Chinook Salmon in the Rogue River is very similar to set-ups in other Southern Oregon Rivers.  Use a rod with enough backbone to handle three or four ounces of weight yet have the tip sensitivity to allow the fish to mouth and chew the bait prior to hook-set.  Team aFISHionados recommends using a mainline of 50 pound test PowerPro, or other braided fishing line, on a level-wind fishing reel with 25 pound test Maxima Ultra-Green monofilament for leaders.

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